This page contains some of the key documents relating to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment in Lewisham, including the “A Picture of Lewisham” population overview presentation, recent JSNA topics, and an overview of JSNA evidence.

A Picture of Lewisham

A Picture of Lewisham describes the population of Lewisham in terms of the key health and socio-demographic characteristics, including mortality, morbidity, ethnicity and inequalities. The JSNA is updated with new information, evidence and intelligence as it becomes available and as new issues and gaps are identified.

A Picture Of Lewisham – (What is a JSNA, the JSNA Process in Lewisham and the Borough)

Recent Topic Assessments – summaries and full reports

Click the links below to read the most recent JSNA topic summaries and access links to the full reports:

Wider Impacts of COVID-19 Summary – February 2023

Adult Asthma and COPD Summary -March 2020

Mental Health Summary – March 2020

Falls Summary – October 2019

Parenting Summary – February 2019

Immunisations Summary – December 2018

Tobacco Control – October 2018

Maternal Mental Health Summary – April 2018

Air Quality Summary – February 2018

Young People in Contact with the Criminal Justice Service Summary – June 2017

Cancer Summary – May 2017

Repeated Removals of Children into Social Care Summary – January 2017

Overview of JSNA Evidence

Lewisham’s Health and Wellbeing Board has identified nine priority outcomes that form the basis of our 10-year Health and wellbeing Strategy. These nine priorities are based on JSNA evidence. Please click on a link below to read a short summary of the JSNA evidence for each priority outcome:

  1. Achieving a Healthy Weight
  2. Increase the number of people who survive colorectal, breast and lung cancer for 1 and 5 years
  3. Improving Immunisation Uptake
  4. Reducing Alcohol Harm
  5. Preventing the uptake of smoking among children and young people and reducing the numbers of people smoking
  6. Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing
  7. Improving Sexual Health
  8. Delaying and reducing the need for long term care and support
  9. Reducing the number of emergency admissions for people with long-term conditions

Lewisham Health Inequalities Toolkit

This health inequalities toolkit has been developed for Lewisham residents, community
groups and all other Lewisham stakeholders with an interest in health inequalities.
The toolkit aims to give all Lewisham stakeholders:
● An introduction to health inequalities
● An overview of the health inequalities in Lewisham
● An overview of what is happening to address health inequalities in Lewisham
● Suggestions for further collaborative action to tackle health inequalities in Lewisham
This toolkit will be refreshed every other year alongside the publication of the Annual Public Health Report and Picture of Lewisham documents.